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canvas done right, stitch by stitch, with no stitches skipped

Dodgers and Biminis

Get the best in European Design and Craftsmanship.

Our Work goes Beyond the Usual

Opt for the ultimate in Custom Projects. We will listen to you and develop the best solutions.

Repair Restoration Replacement

The three Rs that add to longevity.

The Marine World In Your Boat

Whether you’re outfitting for a World Cruise, or just prepare for some Coastal Exploration, we have you covered!

The Many Solutions We Have to Offer

TARTAROOGA Hardtop Dodgers


Custom Soft Dodgers and Biminis

Full Enclosures

Custom Flying Bridge Covers

Instrument Panel Covers

Custom Sail Covers

Binnacle Covers

Custom Dinghy Covers

Palms on beach

we are the dodger and bimini experts